Integrate Freshdesk with a whole range of other apps via Xplenty

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Help and Supportsupport@xplenty.com http://community.xplenty.com/


Integrate Freshdesk with a whole range of other apps via Xplenty

					        	Use Cases:

-Bring all your Freshdesk data to Amazon Redshift
-Load your Freshdesk data to Google BigQuery
-Export Transform & Load all your Freshdesk data to Snowflake
-Move your Freshdesk data to MySQL

End Points:

Create, view, and/or modify information associated with one of your support agents, including their contact information (name, email, phone number), their permission level and which customer support group they belong to. You can also see if the agent is currently available to take a ticket and how long they have been available for, so that you can assign tickets to appropriately.

Retrieve and update information about replies and notes associated with tickets, including the full text of the reply and the IDs of the agents, customer and support ticket associated with the conversation. This will not only allow you to integrate the full content of a support interaction into your customer support analytics but also allow Freshdesk to provide deeper analytics with regards to support agent performance.

See an array of information about a support ticket, including the customer that submitted the ticket, the source they submitted it from, the assigned agent, the content of the support request and the priority that Freshdesk has assigned that ticket. This, along with data about the type of support issue that the ticket is addressing, will allow you to more effectively assign the right members of your support team to the right tickets.

View data about a contact that has created a support ticket. This includes both basic contact information - like their name, email address, and social media ID - and information that will help you to more effectively assign the right agents to meet that contact’s needs, such as their preferred language, their associated tags and what other tickets they have submitted.
							For more information visit - https://www.xplenty.com/integrations/freshdesk

Help and Supportsupport@xplenty.com http://community.xplenty.com/

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