Manage your time and invoicing needs on the go from your Freshdesk account.

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Manage your time and invoicing needs on the go from your Freshdesk account.

					        	By Installing the WorkflowMax app for your Freshdesk will allows you to manage your time-
tracking and invoicing needs from your helpdesk. Some of the benefits on using this app are as
1. Track time spent on support and add it to WorkflowMax for invoicing
2. When syncing a time-sheet entry from Freshdesk to WorkflowMax, the app allows you to select
the Client, Staff, Job and Task the time-sheet entry which are supposed to be linked.
3. Log Time to WorkflowMax link in the app allows the user to log time spent in Workflowmax
as well as in FreshDesk time log.
4. Sync existing time entry to WorkflowMax link in the app which has various new features. The
time entries have the option to Edit and Delete if the time is added to WorkflowMax timesheet.
5. If the time entry has not logged in Workflowmax timesheet, then it will have the option to either
delete the time from Freshdesk or add the particular time entry to Workflowmax.
6. The difference of time entries can be identified with the Freshdesk logo and WorkflowMax logo
at the bottom of each time entries.
7. Multiple time entries can be logged into WorkflowMax by checking the checkbox and clicking
the save button. The checkbox in time entries will be seen only if it is not available in Workflowmax.
8. Additional feature has been included such as Freshdesk time log. Edit and delete option will
reflect in the WorkflowMax timesheet directly only if the time is entered in Workflowmax timesheet.
							1.	OAuth using an existing WorkFlowMax account.

2.	You need the following details to install this app:
	a.	WorkFlowMax API Token 
	b.	WorkFlowMax Account Key
	c.	Freshdesk Domain
	d.	Freshdesk API Key

3.	Ensure that there are no trailing/leading spaces.

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