WhatsApp (Early Access)

Integrate your business number with your Freshdesk account and support customers over WhatsApp.

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Version : 1.0

Published by July 18 RA
16 days ago

in Chat, Social Media, Video, Telephony & SMS

Help and Supportsupport@freshdesk.com https://support.freshdesk.com

WhatsApp (Early Access)

Integrate your business number with your Freshdesk account and support customers over WhatsApp.

					        	This app for Freshdesk enables you to convert your one-on-one conversations including images or GIFs on WhatsApp into tickets and handle them from your Freshdesk helpdesk with ease. This integration allows any business to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp, via Freshdesk. Your team can respond to WhatsApp messages inside Freshdesk and need not switch between multiple devices/tabs. 

Customers don't need to write an email or search for support. With just an instant text message, they can reach out to you and your agents can provide the necessary support without having to move out of their helpdesk. From Freshdesk, you can also view the entire conversation history, across different channels, and even route tickets created via WhatsApp to appropriate groups. 

**We recommend using the Freshchat integration with Whatsapp for a realtime messaging experience. Read more here - https://support.freshchat.com/support/solutions/articles/237342-whatsapp-integration **

Using the app, you can:
- Convert one-on-one WhatsApp conversations, including images and GIFs into tickets
- Tag tickets created via WhatsApp messages to route them
- Set a threading interval for messages to be created as new tickets

Read more about the integration here https://support.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/238137-whatsapp-integration

Terms of Service:
By using the Whatsapp channel through Freshdesk, You understand that You will be using services that are classified as "Other Services" under our Terms of Service. This means that Your access and use of this integration through Whatsapp will be governed by their terms, privacy practices, data security processes and policies that You can find here. You understand that We will not be liable for any such access and use.

Help and Supportsupport@freshdesk.com https://support.freshdesk.com

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