Collaborate and keep your teams in sync by creating and linking tickets into Trello cards

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Collaborate and keep your teams in sync by creating and linking tickets into Trello cards

					        	Drastically improve your customer support experience by installing the two apps: the Freshdesk power-up and Trello app for Freshdesk!

With the two apps, your support team can seamlessly collaborate by easily creating helpdesk tickets & updating status from Trello cards, improving issue resolution. 
Better Collaboration = Better results.

Use Trello, one of the most reliable project management tools available & synchronize priorities to solve Freshdesk’s customer support tickets faster. Uninterrupted, smooth & consistent teamwork for a more engaging customer experience.
Faster Resolution = Happier clients

Connect Trello boards to a Freshdesk help desk platform and create new Trello cards directly from your Support tickets.
Transparency + visibility = Time savings ($$$) + Improved customer support experience.

Customer Support team agents can choose a Trello board from Freshdesk and send tickets to cards, or create them from scratch! 
Exceptional cross-functional collaboration results in Exceptional customer service.

Some benefits of using this app are:

1. Link an existing Trello card to a Freshdesk ticket.

2. Create a new Trello card directly from a Freshdesk ticket, indicating description of what's needed, requesters name, the status and priority for the Trello teams to be in sync.

2. Keep your support team and other Trello teams in sync. Let support agents track the status of a Trello card linked to Freshdesk tickets right from the ticket's page.

3. Receive updates on Freshdesk tickets from changes on the Trello cards linked, so agents stay updated on their status.

You’ll need both apps but don’t worry, it’s really easy to install our collaboration software and to get your customer support team going.

Follow the three steps:

1. Install the Trello app in your Freshdesk helpdesk.

2. Connect the Freshdesk power-up in the Trello project management tool.

3. Sync your Freshdesk helpdesk tickets with your Trello boards & cards.

NOTE: The app is now available for Freshdesk Mint. Look in the marketplace for "Trello Mint"!

The Mint version of the Trello app will also let you select labels, assign Trello members and setting up a due date when creating a new Trello card.
							1. Click on the "Install" button to your left here in the Freshdesk Marketplace

2. Upon clicking, it will send you to a webpage to "Allow" Freshdesk to access your Trello account.
Please note that this will be the Trello admin user and the app will retrieve all Trello boards from this account.

3. Upon allowing Freshdesk to access Trello, the app will be properly installed and will send you back to your Freshdesk instance.

4. For setting up the notifications options, you can always access the app's settings.

5. create a new Agent in Freshdesk named "Trello agent". You'll need that agent's API key to set up the Freshdesk Power-Up in Trello. Note: You can use an Agent that already exists and it's an Admin so it doesn't charge you for it, but notifications will appear with their name instead of "Trello agent"

6. Go back to your Trello board and in the Menu section, click on the Power-up marketplace. Look up the Freshdesk Power-up and enable it for your board. Repeat this for every board you want to connect to a Freshdesk instance.

7. Open up any card inside any of the boards and click on the gear icon next to the Freshdesk logo to configure the Freshdesk Power-up. In there, you’ll be asked for the URL of your Freshdesk instance and for the API key of the Freshdesk agent that was created by the Freshdesk admin (the “Trello agent” from step #5 or the agent you chose).

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