End-to-end Workflow Automation - Freshdesk tickets routing, escalations & smart approvals

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Published by Tonkean
3 months ago

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End-to-end Workflow Automation - Freshdesk tickets routing, escalations & smart approvals

					        	Tonkean uses AI to autonomously coordinate, execute and manage your Support workflows, across data and people, so nothing falls through the cracks.

End-to-End Workflow Automation
With a powerful Workflow Builder, easily automate your mission-critical workflows: Tickets routing and assigning the right agent, escalation & auto-followup on urgent tickets, and data up-keep by automatically collect relevant information from people and other tools to keep Freshdesk up-to-date.

AI-Powered Coordination Engine
Notifications don’t ensure accountability.
With our out-of-the-box people coordination capabilities, the Tonkean Bot makes sure your routing and escalations processes are actually being taking care of.
Easily automate Approvals, Delegations, Escalations or collecting of information from your team, from Freshdesk, and back to Freshdesk!

Your Mission Control Center
Where everything comes together. Visibility is a critical gap in making sure things are running as planned, with Tonkean Live Reports you can monitor and manage your entire mission from one place.
Create custom views of your Freshdesk data, aggregate information and enrich it with information from other tools.
							1. Create a Tonkean Account
2. Add Freshdesk to your Data Sources
3. Create a Tonkean Bot
4. Monitor Freshdesk Tickets / Contacts / Users and create your workflow
5. Or use Freshdesk actions as part of any other flow!

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