Ticket Reminder

Create a checklist for every ticket

Not compatible in old look

Install available only on Desktop

Version : 1.0

Published by freshworks
3 months ago

in Advanced Ticketing

Help and Supportsanthosh.balusamy@freshworks.com https://www.support.freshdesk.com/

Ticket Reminder

Create a checklist for every ticket

					        	Timely Customer Care.

Easily add a ‘to-do’ list within Freshdesk. 

Set reminders for your ‘to-do’ list too. 

Get alerts via email. 

The Freshdesk Ticket reminder app enables agents to create a task list within Freshdesk on all follow-up action for a ticket. Once a ticket has been set up, agents can set alerts (via email) to ensure that they follow up with customers in due time.

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