All-in-one customer survey tool integrated with Freshdesk.

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All-in-one customer survey tool integrated with Freshdesk.

					        	Now, you can make surveys a part of your customer support processes with Survicate surveys for Freshdesk. Collect valuable customer insights and boost growth by increasing customer satisfaction and discovering opportunities for growth. Add Survicate surveys to canned responses in Freshdesk.

With Survicate for Freshdesk, you can:
1. Research and improve your Net Promoter Score® or Customer Effort Score.
2. Use unlimited follow-up questions to collect deeper insights.
3. Send a link to your Customers via email, messenger, social media or place it in your articles.
4. Use questionnaires to get in-depth customer feedback.
5. Gain qualitative insights on your customer support process.
							Link surveys let you answer the first question inside an email and redirect you to the landing page with follow-up questions. 

How to create a survey:
1. Simply choose a type of survey.
2. When you create a survey remember that the survey needs to be "link survey" (represented by a envelope both in library and Start from scratch)
3. Choose the provider as Freshdesk.
4. Create your survey depending on your need and copy the code and paste the HTML using your platform rules of mail creation.

You can also choose to distribute surveys copying link shown in Share a link text box, hide it under CTA button or your custom text.

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