Resolve repetitive client queries faster with shareable automated scenarios (SUPERLINKS)

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Resolve repetitive client queries faster with shareable automated scenarios (SUPERLINKS)

					        	Predesign multiple scenarios (SUPERLINKS) to address repetitive issues, and easily share them with your clients upon need as a simple URL using Freshdesk's unified messaging - on any support channel.
The client just needs to click on a SUPERLINK sent by your support team, to enjoy an automated service experience.

How it works:
When you have a repetitive query coming in from your clients, your agents can simply design a SUPERLINK (Shareable automated scenario) which will help resolve the recurring issue quickly and efficiently. A SUPERLINK includes a sequence of actions that will run automatically on the client's side, with guiding aids for the client.
For example: On a website, you can highlight where customers need to sign-up, point out where they can find certain resources, auto-navigate to several web pages, use the auto-scroll feature to draw attention to the location on the web page where you want the user to focus, use auto-click to make selections for the client and much more.
Once an agent builds a SUPERLINK for a particular query, the entire team can send across the URL to your clients whenever needed.
Once a client clicks on the URL, the client's machine will start browsing autonomously according to the predesigned scenario, taking the designated actions in an orderly manner, communicating with the client and explaining the process.

A SUPERLINK enables you to auto-steer your clients in the best direction across your digital assets, from an entry point to the desired objective.
Using SUPERLINKS ensures that customers get an easy resolution to their issues and agents are able to close repetitive issues quickly, thereby increasing productivity.  

LEAD - Auto-navigate for the clients to multiple web pages and domains in the desired route.
FOCUS - Locate the important content in each web page and put it in the center of attention using auto-scroll and auto-media.
COMMUNICATE - Instruct your clients by delivering targeted messages - text, audio & animated visual aids - above the visited web pages.
DO - Seamlessly assist the clients in taking the right actions. Yes - the SUPERLINK is actually doing it for them.

Creating and using SUPERLINKS does not require making any changes to the web pages or any further development.
							1. Visit us at
2. Activate the special FREE trial for Freshworks customers
3. Approx. 72 hours after activation you'll receive a short JS code to be embedded once within your website/web-based system
4. Create SUPERLINKS to address repetitive issues, using a friendly and easy-to-use GUI
5. Share the SUPERLINKS with your clients as a simple URL - via chat, direct message, social post, Knowledge base item or any other mean of communication, using Freshdesk's unified messaging

That's it, you're all set to go - and we're here to guide you with any further questions and needs.

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