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Stella Connect is a software platform that increases agent happiness and supercharges contact center coaching and QA.

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Stella Connect

Stella Connect is a software platform that increases agent happiness and supercharges contact center coaching and QA.

					        	Stella Connect works by collecting agent-level feedback from customers after every service interaction. Our humanized and gamified feedback requests delight customers and generate response rates of up to 50%, giving you unmatched visibility into agent performance. Customers can rate agents, leave comments about their experience, suggest rewards or make recommendations for areas of improvement.

Feedback is shared directly with agents, managers and QA teams in real-time via streams, dashboards and performance leaderboards.

Our Freshdesk integration enables you to:
1) Automatically send out feedback requests after tickets are closed against rules that you can pre-define.
2) Pass interaction tags/categories from Freshdesk into Stella Connect to further enrich the agent-level feedback you receive.
3) Link customer feedback within Stella Connect directly to Freshdesk tickets for deeper, more actionable context.
4) Deliver surveys with company branding in multiple languages with our supported functionality.
5) Create a service recovery workflow to make things right with customers after subpar service interactions
							To get started, contact our team to customize your Stella Connect package. Stella Connect is priced on a simple, per-seat basis. Once you’ve decided on features and workflow, integration is quick and easy and our team will guide you through every step of the process. There are five simple steps to follow:

1) Create a Connect account: Leverage our flexible API to create your integration.
2) Create Rules: These are the service channels that you want Stella Connect surveys sent against.
3) Create Exclusion Rules: These are custom rules you can put in place for interactions that you do not want Stella Connect surveys sent against.
4) Test: Assign a test email address and use our test key so you can safely review and refine the Stella Connect customer experience.
5) Move to Production: Set your integration live and start automatically triggering Stella Connect surveys and kicking off your service workflow.

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