QuickBooks - Mint

The QuickBooks App helps synchronize data between Freshdesk and QuickBooks accounts.

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Version : 1.0

Published by Mako IT Lab Pvt Ltd
14 days ago

in Agent Productivity, Time Tracking & Billing

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QuickBooks - Mint

The QuickBooks App helps synchronize data between Freshdesk and QuickBooks accounts.

					        	QuickBooks app for your Freshdesk will let you handle time-tracking and invoicing needs from the comfort of your helpdesk

Some benefits of using this app are:

* Access information about requesters from QuickBooks in Freshdesk so you have an additional context regarding their problems when responding to them.
* Track time and enter it in QuickBooks and use it to bill people for support from within Freshdesk.
* You can view QuickBooks invoices corresponding to the requester from within Freshdesk.

Make your helpdesk software also act like your time tracking and invoice management tool with this QuickBooks app for Freshdesk
							Pre Requisites:

Freshdesk API Key: Click ‘Profile’ Icon at the Top Right corner > Click ‘Profile Settings’ – You will get the Freshdesk API Key at the Right panel.

Freshdesk Domain: Your Freshdesk domain in this format company.freshdesk.com without http:// or https://

QuickBooks Company ID: Click the ‘Settings’ Icon at the Top Right corner (near Help Icon) > Click ‘Your Account’ – You will find the Company ID next to Company Name. 

*IMPORTANT: Input QuickBooks Company ID in App setup without any space in between. You will find Company ID in this format '1111 1111 1111 111', input in Freshdesk App Setup as 111111111111111

App Installation:

Follow the steps below for installation:

Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > Get More Apps > Agent Productivity or Time Tracking & Billing > Search QuickBooks > Select QuickBooks > Click Install. > 

You will be redirected to QuickBooks Login Page > Input QuickBooks Admin Credentials and Click 'Connect'.

You will now be redirected back to Freshdesk Admin Page > Input Freshdesk API Key, Freshdesk Domain and QuickBooks Company ID(without space in between) > Click Verify and Install. 

There you Go! Set and Ready.

App Uninstall:

Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > QuickBooks > Uninstall.

If you are facing any issues, Do feel free to reach out to us at freshworks@makoitlab.com or create a ticket at https://makoitlab.freshdesk.com

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