Qualitista is a conversation review (or QA) tool for effortless and systematic internal feedback.

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Published by Qualitista
3 months ago

in Agent Productivity, Knowledge Management, Surveys & Feedback

Help and Supportteam@qualitista.com https://support.qualitista.com/


Qualitista is a conversation review (or QA) tool for effortless and systematic internal feedback.

					        	This is a conversation review (or QA tool). Think of it like the customer support equivalent of sales coaching or code review in engineering. The single best way to improve team performance is to have a solid internal feedback system. 

Therefore, Qualitista enables you to...

- Connect and display your Freshdesk account contents in a few clicks
- Create filters like "Random sample of Bob's last week's email conversations"
- Rate and comment conversations, create custom rating categories
- Track quality metrics and collaborate with your team
- Bridge gaps in knowledge, improve customer satisfaction
- Onboard new agents better
- Integrate with Slack

For more information check out https://support.qualitista.com/ 

If you're feeling lonely, would like to share your all time best Youtube find or have a an actual support question, reach out to team@qualitista.com or start chat on the website.


Happy improving!
							1. Sign up with Qualitista for free
2. Have your Freshdesk admin API key ready (can be found under your "Profile settings")
3. Choose Freshdesk as the data connection upon sign up with Qualitista
4. Enter your Freshdesk credentils and API key
5. Choose which Freshdesk agents you would like to have appear on Qualitista by hitting "Connect" next to each

Further usage is common for all integrations, to learn more check out support.qualitista.com or reach out to us at team@qualitista.com.

Help and Supportteam@qualitista.com https://support.qualitista.com/

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