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Integrate ProProfs Knowledgebase to gather feedback from customers and reduce tickets.

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ProProfs Knowledgebase

Integrate ProProfs Knowledgebase to gather feedback from customers and reduce tickets.

					        	ProProfs Knowledgebase is a cloud repository which offers a self service system to your customers. Once you integrate ProProfs Knowledge you can reap the following benefits: 

1. Gather feedback from your customers directly from knowledge base.
2. Reduce customer support tickets.
3. Initiate Freshdesk tickets right from ProProfs Knowledgebase.
							Step 1. Go to ProProfs Knowledgebase settings and click on Forms.

Step 2.  Select Freshdesk, add your credentials and click on next. 

Username - Enter your Freshdesk username such as This can be any valid Freshdesk username.

Subdomain - Enter your Freshdesk account URL such as

API Key - Enter your API key. You can find the API key in your Freshdesk Profile Settings. 

Step 3. 

After you enter in your credentials and click next, ProProfs will connect to Freshdesk and read all the ticket fields. 

Custom ticket fields are typically used to gather more information about the support issue, product, or service.

For example, you may want your customers to also select the model name and number of your product.

Step 4. 

After ProProfs reads the ticket fields, you can set which fields you want to display such as whether the field is required and the order of the fields.
Step 5.

Once you have finished with the fields, click Next.

Step 6.

After you have successfully setup the fields you can now customize the Support Form. 

Form Title - Enter a form title.
Thank you message - The thank you message will be shown after the form has successfully been submitted. 

Enable search suggestions (ticket deflection) - As the user types in a subject for the ticket, pages from your ProProfs site are instantly suggested. 

The goal is to help the user find what they are looking for so they don't have to submit a ticket. This is often referred to as ticket deflection, as it helps customers find answers without ever having to submit a ticket.

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