The Freshdesk connector gives you access to all of your ticket data in Popdock.

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3 months ago

in Agent Productivity, Data Migration

Help and Supportsupport@popdock.com https://popdock.com/help/


The Freshdesk connector gives you access to all of your ticket data in Popdock.

					        	By utilizing the Freshdesk API, you can easily connect your Freshdesk account to Popdock. Once connected you will be able to retrieve real-time data about your tickets from Freshdesk. 

Popdock takes all the data from your support interactions and allows you to pull real-time data to create custom reporting.

Popdock allows you to create custom lists from your Freshdesk data, you can get lists of agents,  contacts, conversations,  groups, tickets,  topics and many more. You can choose the lists you need to generate and build favorite reports to suit exactly how you work.

Popdock allows you to easily customize and turn your reports into the actual data you would like to see.  With Popdock Insights you will also be able to turn that data into easy to read graphs that can be used for a presentation or viewed on a mobile.

The Popdock + Freshdesk integration saves time and manual data manipulation. Skip exporting to Excel. Sort by a customer, email, address, any field or any combination of data, directly within Popdock, to find a record and see your data clearly.
							For more information visit - https://popdock.com/connector/freshdesk/

Help and Supportsupport@popdock.com https://popdock.com/help/

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