Podio Tasks

This app enables you to manage Podio tasks in Freshdesk.

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Install available only on Desktop

Version : 1.0

Published by Artis
7 months ago

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Podio Tasks

This app enables you to manage Podio tasks in Freshdesk.

					        	* Create a task in specified Podio Organization and Workspace from a Freshdesk ticket
* When creating task in Podio, automatically append Freshdesk ticket URL to Task description
* Link Podio task to a Freshdesk ticket and view task details
* Unlink a Podio task from Freshdesk ticket
							1. To integrate Podio Tasks app with Freshdesk, go to Admin > Apps > Get more Apps. Then locate Podio Task app in the app gallery and click on install.
2. Enter your Podio account Sign-In email and Sign-In password and click on ‘Sign In’.
3. Select Podio ‘Organization’ and ‘Workspace’ in which you want to manage tasks.
4. Select Podio Task fields to be visible in Ticket Details page
5. Click on ‘Save’ to save these setting in your account
6. Now, you can view your ‘Podio Tasks’ widget right below the ticket sidebar in ticket details page.
7. Click on ‘+Link existing Podio task’ to link a Podio task to Freshdesk ticket
8. Click on ‘+Create Task in Podio’ to create a task in Podio and append Freshdesk ticket URL to task description.

Help and Supportsupport@artissol.com http://www.artissol.com

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