Pivotal Tracker Integration

Pivotal Tracker is a Project Management tool which is used by small/big teams to track the tasks created.

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Version : 3.0

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5 months ago

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Pivotal Tracker Integration

Pivotal Tracker is a Project Management tool which is used by small/big teams to track the tasks created.

					        	Pivotal Tracker Integrator app will create stories on Pivotal Tracker using the tickets on Freshdesk. This way any ticket can be used to create a Pivotal Tracker Story.

This app helps you keep track of stories on Pivotal by providing updates from Pivotal as notes on a ticket; everytime any change/update is  made to the story on Pivotal Tracker, the changes will be shown as Notes on the ticket.

You can create a story on Pivotal with from a freshdesk ticket using this app, the ticket details are added as description of the story.

You will be able to track changes to the story back on the ticket, as private notes; you will see notes for changes in :
    1) Story Type
    2) Owners of the story
    3) Blockers
    4) Description
    5) Activity
    6) Label
    7) State of the story

Please follow the Instructions given below to Install and use the Application.
							For installing the app you will need :
1) Pivotal Tracker account and API key
2) Freshdesk API key

Note : At time of installation you need to previously create projects.

After adding the app from the Freshdesk app market you can follow these Steps for Installation:
1a) Create at least one Project in Pivotal Tracker app at www.pivotaltracker.com/
1b) Enter the Pivotal API key and press "authenticate" button to authenticate it.
2) Choose the toggle for "Get updates from Pivotal Tracker"; by default will be ON
3) Select the checkboxes; for changes on Pivotal that will be tracked by Freshdesk
4) Enter the Freshdesk domain for your company which should be like "yourcompany.freshdesk.com"
5) Enter the Freshdesk API for your account and click on related Authenticate button
6) After authentication you need to create a "Custom Number Field" named "Pivotal Story ID". To do this go into admin panel on freshdesk and go into the "Ticket FIelds" menu. There create a new "Number" field with the label name as "Pivotal Story ID"
7) you are now ready to use Pivotal Integrator.

* For Using the app open any ticket that you want connected on Pivotal, on the ticket sidebar to the right you will see the  
     "Pivotal Plugin" under the contact details. Expand it and click on "Create Story".
* The Pivotal Intergrator app will now populate the fields, choose appropriate options and click on "Create" button.
     This will create a story on Pivotal Tracker with the description of the ticket from Freshdesk
     Now any changes/updates made on the Pivotal tracker to that story, will be added as notes to the freshdesk ticket.

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