parlamind Assist

parlamind Assist helps your agents reply to tickets faster and be more productive by using Artificial Intelligence.

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Version : 3.0

Published by parlamind
7 months ago

in Agent Productivity, E-Commerce, Workflow Automation

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parlamind Assist

parlamind Assist helps your agents reply to tickets faster and be more productive by using Artificial Intelligence.

					        	The Artificial Intelligence behind it scans your incoming e-mail and detects the customer’s issues. It then pre-composes a suitable answer based on previous answers to similar requests. parlamind also provides an analytics view to help you uncover optimization potential in your Customer Experience.

Why choose parlamind Assist? Getting a pre-composed answer beats getting a search results list of similar questions by far and really boosts your team’s productivity.

Key features:
Never miss a thing: parlamind Assist lists customer’s issues in a convenient overview, so you don’t forget to address also that 3rd question, or 4th, or 5th...
Be faster and more productive: parlamind Assist pre-composes a suitable answer upon opening the ticket. Quick review, one click, and you are good to close the ticket.
Teach it to get better: parlamind Assist learns from your usage and gets better over time. You don’t have to do much except using it.
parlamind spricht auch Deutsch, and English of course.

Other features coming soon:
- Automated fetching of data from 3rd party systems, no more need to copy and paste data from your CRM, shop system or logistics software
- More languages
- Support for chat and messengers

Are we missing something? Let us know by sending an e-mail to

Privacy & Data protection
parlamind is made is Germany and subject to German privacy regulations - among the strictest in the world. We host exclusively on servers located in Germany, your data never leaves our sphere of influence, and we are happy to issue a Commissioned Data Agreement according to Section 11 of the Federal Privacy Protection Act (Auftragsdatenverarbeitungsvertrag nach §11 BDSG).

Curious about how it works?
parlamind is an Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service. parlamind works by categorizing your incoming e-mail on a sentence level (or expression level), this allows it to understand what the customer wants, once you have trained it. Training is easy, takes only a few hours for a few days. parlamind only needs a set of categories (you probably have already) and a nudge in the right direction. It does most of the rest almost on its own. The bigger your data-set of previous e-mails the faster parlamind will learn.

Are you an E-commerce company? Good for you, because parlamind comes pre-trained for online retailers. It will be able to understand more than 50% of your incoming communication from the get go and then learn the rest even faster with less effort on your side.
							Please follow the instructions below as a Freshdesk administrator in your organisation.

Install parlamind Assist from the Freshdesk apps gallery.

Choose to sign up or connect to an already existing parlamind. A parlamind is your own Artificial Intelligence in the cloud to pre-compose answers in your parlamind Assist app.

Connecting an existing parlamind
Connecting to a parlamind assumes you already have an existing parlamind account (
You'll have to provider your parlamind user name and password in order to connect the parlamind freshdesk app with your parlamind instance.

Sign up for a new parlamind
Sign up to parlamind allows you to easily create a new parlamind account for free. In doing this, we ask you to provide a suitable domain for your account.
Please visit and follow the instructions. Once your instance has been created you'll receive an email with further instructions on how to finish setup your parlamind instance.

Your newly created account is ready once parlamind has analyzed your tickets.
The pre-composed answers are available on right side when viewing tickets. However, please note that only users connected to parlamind are able to view answers. Your are able to add more users from within your parlamind.

The parlamind app for Freshdesk is developed and tested on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported.

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