Boost productivity with response recommendation, case auto-categorization, and AI-based analytics.

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Published by Miuros
13 days ago

in Agent Productivity, Reporting and Analytics, Workflow Automation

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Boost productivity with response recommendation, case auto-categorization, and AI-based analytics.

					        	With Miuros Assist, your agents will have a companion, directly embedded within Freshdesk, that will help them save time and become more efficient. This improves productivity by 40% and can even cut First Reply Time in half!
With Miuros Insights, you benefit from a sophisticated but simple to use analytical solution that allows you to explore and learn from your data and that automatically brings new actionable insights to your attention while empowering your agent to self-assess their personal performance, in a fair way.

International businesses like GetYourGuide, Ableton, Helpling and Swapfiets trust Miuros’ AI-based technology that boosts the efficiency of each layer of your Customer Service organization, from agents up to managers. 

Miuros is a cloud-based platform, transparently integrated into your Freshdesk environment. Miuros understands the past actions of your agents and therefore, automates tasks, recommends canned responses and reveals new actionable insights to managers who can then make faster, data-driven decisions. And more-over: Miuros is multi-lingual, making it the perfect AI-solution for your international Customer Support team.

What you’ll get with Miuros:
- Reduced First Reply Time and Handling Time through faster triaging and routing of tickets, 
- A boosted Customer Satisfaction through faster replies to customers,
- A shorter learning curve for new agents, 
- Answers within seconds to questions that require sophisticated analysis of your data to identify areas for improvement,
- Happier and empowered agents who can self-assess their own performance.

What you’re getting rid off with Miuros: 
- Wasted time searching within hundreds of canned responses to find the appropriate one, 
- Long onboarding time for new agents joining the team,
- Hours of analytical work to make your data speak, no more need to fight to get the attention of your data scientists,
- Grumpy agents
							Ready to boost productivity and to start taking better, faster, data-driven decisions for your Customer Service? Miuros is ready to help! 
Visit www.miuros.com/freshdesk to get a demo and see how Miuros can help you leverage your Customer Support data.

Help and Supporthelp@miuros.com https://miuros.com/

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