Integrate MeisterTask with Freshdesk to improve your team's collaboration and task management.

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Published by MeisterLabs
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Integrate MeisterTask with Freshdesk to improve your team's collaboration and task management.

					        	Did you ever run into the situation that a ticket requires some tasks to be completed? Are you looking for a simple way to deal with these to-do's? Do you want a beautiful way to keep track of everything and get things done in a smooth way?

Look no further and drastically improve your support efficiency now by combining Freshdesk with MeisterTask, the most intuitive project and task management tool on the web!

MeisterTask’s flexible Kanban project boards adapt to your workflow and make sure everyone is always on the same page. Task management has never been easier.

MeisterTask seamlessly integrates with Freshdesk: you can create new tasks from within the Freshdesk ticket view or connect them with existing MeisterTask tasks. Follow their progress and keep up to date with discussions right inside Freshdesk.
This is the perfect combination of tools to ensure smooth & consistent collaboration to reach a more engaging customer experience!

Immediately benefit from using this integration in the following areas:

1. You'll be able to link one or even several existing MeisterTask tasks to a Freshdesk ticket.

2. You'll be able to create a new MeisterTask task directly from the Freshdesk ticket view. You can easily transfer the description of what's needed, requester's name etc.

3. You'll be able to keep your support team and other MeisterTask teams in sync. Support agents can track the status of a MeisterTask task linked to a Freshdesk tickets right from the ticket's page!
							Upon installing the application, MeisterTask will appear in the sidebar in the ticket view. After going through the authentication flow, you will be able to link tickets to existing tasks, based on the token that you can get from MeisterTask, or create new tasks in any of you projects. 

Linking an existing task to a ticket:
Click on 'Link Existing Task' and the input field will appear. Go to MeisterTask and open the task you want to link to the ticket. Copy the token from the URL that comes directly after the '/app/' part. Example: qEe7TQQs
Back in Freshdesk, paste the token in the input field and click on 'Add'.

Creating a new task:
Click on the 'Create Task' button. This will open the task creation dialog. When opening it for the first time, it will fetch all the information regarding your MeisterTask projects. Select a project, a section and an assignee for the new task. The name and notes are pre-filled with the information from the ticket. Click on 'Create Task' to complete the process.

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