Set up two-factor authentication for Freshdesk SSO.

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Help and Supportinfo@cyphercor.com https://www.logintc.com/contact/


Set up two-factor authentication for Freshdesk SSO.

					        	Set up an extra layer of protection for your data with the Login TC connector.

The LoginTC AD FS Connector protects access to your Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) by adding a second-factor LoginTC challenge to an existing username and password authentication. The LoginTC AD FS Connector provides a LoginTC multi-factor authentication (MFA) method to your AD FS deployment, used by your Freshdesk SSO.

When an agent signs-in to Freshdesk, they are re-directed to your on-premise AD FS where they will enter their login credentials. Agents are then re-directed to a page where they can choose their preferred medium for the two-factor authentication OTP, LoginTC push etc. If the agent uses Login Push, they will receive LoginTC request on their device. You can also set up LoginTC as your default choice for 2-factor authentication.

*Note: You will need to have the LoginTC app installed on your handheld device to use the LoginPush option.
							For more information visit - https://www.logintc.com/docs/connectors/adfs-freshdesk.html#user-experience

Help and Supportinfo@cyphercor.com https://www.logintc.com/contact/

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