iorad solution article maker

Instantly post solution articles to your Freshdesk help center.

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Version : 2.0

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10 months ago

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iorad solution article maker

Instantly post solution articles to your Freshdesk help center.

					        	YOUR PROBLEM
A frustrated user opens a ticket. Your customer agent knows the solution. What's the best way to show the user without wasting your agent's valuable time copy/pasting screenshots?

How iorad for Freshdesk works.
Fire open the iorad for Freshdesk app and just click through the solution steps behind the capture frame. That's it. iorad does the rest. It magically breaks the captured events and screenshots into steps, highlights where the action took place, and creates directions based on what the agent did. Click finish and it’s instantly attached to your ticket and simultaneously posted to your solution center knowledge base. No uploading. No screenshots. No Mess.

It's not just for agents, your users will love the solution articles too!
You have lots of users and they all learn a different way. Some like to practice, and others like to see all the steps in a list. Print a hard copy? View it on their phone? Translated into their native language?

iorad's got you covered. Every solution article has 4 modes. Try Steps (interactive), View Steps (a nice list), Print (pdf) and mobile (swipe through the steps). And it's instantly available in 90 languages with google translate. Check it out for yourself. 

How about this - IT'S FREE! Make unlimited public tutorials and bring your Help Center and Ticketing to life. There's no contract, no trial period and you can cancel ANYTIME.
							(1) Install app
(2) Click iorad app icon
(3) Select the category and subcategory of where you want to place the article
(4) Click capture
(5) Go through the steps you want to show (iorad automatically processes all your actions)
(6) Click done
(7) Click finish
(8) Article is automatically posted to your knowledge center

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