iorad solution article maker

10X faster solution article creation

Not compatible in new mint

Install available only on Desktop

Version : 2.0

Published by iorad
over 1 year ago

in Agent Productivity, Knowledge & Content Management, Agent Productivity, Knowledge & Content Management

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iorad solution article maker

10X faster solution article creation

					        	Instantly create step-by-step solution articles for any app and publish it directly to your Freshdesk Solutions. No uploads. No screenshot editing.

Creating solution articles is extremely painful and time consuming. A 20 step article takes between 30 mins to 1 hour to make. Take a screenshot, edit it, upload to your Freshdesk site...rinse and repeat...over and over. Precious time wasted. Worst of all it’s your most valuable employee, a power user, thats tasked with doing this.

What if I told you iorad could speed this process -10X. That’s right. That same 30 to 60 minutes creating a solution article could be done in 3 to 6 minutes.

Iorad for Freshdesk works like this:

Click capture and go through the steps as you normally would.
iorad automatically captures screenshots and identifies every action.
Click done and iorad automagically generates the solution article and posts it to your freshdesk solution center.
That’s it. Give it a try and save precious time.
							(1) Install app
(2) Click iorad app icon
(3) Select the category and subcategory of where you want to place the article
(4) Click capture
(5) Go through the steps you want to show (iorad automatically processes all your actions)
(6) Click done
(7) Click finish
(8) Article is automatically posted to your knowledge center

Alternative simpler approach

Log into iorad and click connect.
Enter your freshdesk site credentials
You will see Publish to Freshdesk on the tutorial finish screen

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