Grow allows you to visualize your Freshdesk data in an efficient and effective way.

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Grow allows you to visualize your Freshdesk data in an efficient and effective way.

					        	The Grow app for Freshdesk provides you with dashboards which can help you view all your Freshdesk data in one place. With this integration you will be able to : 

1. Gain powerful insights when you add Freshdesk to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
2. Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from Freshdesk alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
3. Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.

This app is a great tool to manage your data in a constructive and coherent way.
							Here’s how to connect your Freshdesk account to Grow.

First, log in to your Grow account and click Add Metric. Select Freshdesk from the list of data sources, then press the blue Connect button.

You will need your API Key and Freshdesk Domain. To find your API Key, log in to your Freshdesk account. Click on your profile picture, then go to Profile settings.

On the right-hand panel, underneath the Change Password section, you’ll find the section labeled “Your API Key.” Your API key will be shown underneath it. You also have a button to reset your API key and get a new one. 

Copy this along with your Freshdesk domain into Grow, then press the blue Submit button.

And that’s it! You’re good to go.

Note: If you reset your API key, you will need to re-authenticate to Grow using the updated API key.

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