GDPR Assistant

GDPR Assistant will help you keep the data in your Freshdesk account GDPR compliant!

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Version : 2.0

Published by Swedbyte
2 months ago

in Reporting and Analytics, Workflow Automation, Data Migration

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GDPR Assistant

GDPR Assistant will help you keep the data in your Freshdesk account GDPR compliant!

					        	The GDPR Assistant app covers three areas of GDRP compliance:

* Automatic deletion of user data after certain periods of time. You configure for how long time data shall be stored, including exceptions or different time periods for different groups, types etc, and then GDPR Assistant will take care of the rest and make sure you're not violating the GDPR rules. And best of all: No more need of manual work to go through and delete data!

* Creation of PDF reports, containing all interactions a specific person had with your organization, with a single click of a button. No more need to search, filter and export data to reply to a data subject request!

* Complete deletion ("forget") of a user and all its related data from your Freshdesk account.
							GDPR Assistant works on Front-End for the User’s Data Report module and on Backend for the Automatic Deletion of Outdated User Data part. You can configure the application in one place at the Application Settings section.

1. API key of Account Admin or any other role that permit to make deletion of Contacts and Tickets(mandatory)
2. Agent roles who will have access to generate GDPR reports and Purge user’s data by a single click.
3. Automatic deletion «time ranges» for not being active Contacts and Tickets.
4. Set of Custom Filter Rules, which give the ability to create specific exceptions in the deletion process for Contacts and Tickets.

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