FullContact 2.0

With FullContact, syncing of your existing contacts and updating them is just a click away

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Install available only on Desktop

Version : 1.0

Published by Arbaan GT Private Limited
10 days ago

in Agent Productivity, Advanced Ticketing

Help and Supportsupport@arbaan.com https://arbaan.freshdesk.com

FullContact 2.0

With FullContact, syncing of your existing contacts and updating them is just a click away

					        	FullContact's Identity resolution gives you options to sync and update the existing contacts in your list and identify the company the contact belongs to as per FullContacts data - using a single piece of information - an email, social handle or a phone number

Installing the FullContact app for your Freshdesk has multiple benefits for your online helpdesk. The primary benefits are:
1. With FullContact, you can enrich existing Freshdesk contact information and make your customer database more extensive.
2. In addition to Contact information, you can also use the FullContact API to enrich Company information fields from helpdesk domain names.

Question: I am getting this error message  Company not found. Please sync the company and try again. , when doing a sync on contact. 
Ans: This means that the company from full contact does not exist in Freshdesk. The solution will be as follows.
A. Create a company in Freshdesk with the same name as it is on Full Contact.
B. Associate the company to the contact that needs to be synced.
C. Open the contact details and use the Full Contact to sync the contact again.

Question: I am unable to find the contact or the company and getting "Profile not found on FullContact"
Ans: The FullContact database does not have the synced email, social handle or a phone number of that particular contact

Question: Is it possible to create a Company from the synced contact
Ans: This version does not allow users to create a company for the contact, instead it had to be done manually with the details available on the screen.
							Pre Requisites:
Keep the Admin API key ready (Freshdesk API Key: Click ‘Profile’ Icon at the Top Right corner > Click ‘Profile Settings’ – You will get the Freshdesk API Key at the Right panel).
Copy & paste the API key without any spaces and add the domain.freshdesk.com portal address in domains field and continue with the installation.

App Uninstallation:
Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > FullContact > Uninstall.

If you are facing any issues, Do feel free to reach out to us at support@arbaan.com or create a ticket at https://arbaan.freshdesk.com

Help and Supportsupport@arbaan.com https://arbaan.freshdesk.com

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