An all-in-one CRO suite with 8 powerful features to increase your website conversions.

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An all-in-one CRO suite with 8 powerful features to increase your website conversions.

					        	Freshmarketer is an all in one conversion optimization suite. 

You can understand your website visitors’ behaviour with tools like heat maps, session replay, form analytics & funnels. You can take data driven decisions with tools like A/B testing, personalization. You can also run quick on-page poll and get feedback from your customers. 

You don’t have juggle between multiple tools to improve your website conversions.
							1. Login to your Freshdesk account

2. Navigate to the Admin tab on the left panel > Helpdesk Productivity > Session Replay

3. Create a Freshmarketer account. If you already have a Freshmarketer account, skip this step.

Note: Once you click 'Create account',a Freshmarketer account will be created for the given email address and the Freshmarketer JS snippet will be generated for your account.

4. Once you have the Freshmarketer account created, login to your Freshmarketer account

5. Navigate to the Setup dropdown on the top right corner and click on the Integrations section

6. Enable Freshdesk Integration

7. Generate the API key for the integration and copy the API key that is generated

8. Go back to your Freshdesk account and paste the Freshmarketer API key in the  Session Replay integration page and hit 'Integrate' to successfully complete the integration.

Note: The session replay would be initiated on either the website or the helpdesk portal. A session can last upto 2 hours if the user is active. You need not manually insert the Freshmarketer JS snippet into your support portal, it will be automatically injected into your support portal by Freshdesk. The session recordings would last a maximum of 60 mins.

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