Freshdesk on PowerBI

Analytical PowerBI add-on to Freshdesk Application.

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Published by Radiare Dev
about 1 year ago

in Reporting and Analytics

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Freshdesk on PowerBI

Analytical PowerBI add-on to Freshdesk Application.

					        	Freshdesk on PowerBI is an analytical add-on for Freshdesk customers. This app delivers Operational & Analytical Dashboards surrounding your Freshdesk tickets; coverage includes Ticket Analytics, Agent Productivity and Team Performance delivered through Microsoft Power BI. This leverages your existing enterprise PowerBI environment to deliver the reports and dashboards.
							You can use this app to visualize the dashboard in Power BI account.
First of all, the following information is required to configure the App.
- Freshdesk URL (
- Freshdesk API Key. Here's how you can get your API key:
i. Login to your Freshdesk Account.
ii. Click on your Agent Avatar on the top right and select Profile Settings.
iii. On the right pane, you would find the API Key.
iv. Copy-paste this as required to authenticate third-party solutions.
- Power BI Pro Account (
- Role Based Security Details Click here to download the Template
i. Role Name -> Quality Analyst
ii. Access Rule -> To view the ticket data associated with the group 'QA'

About App Installation & Configuration:
Once you click on the install button you will be redirected to configure the App.

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