CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system for support and sales teams.

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CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system for support and sales teams.

					        	Create your call center in just 5 minutes and benefit from advanced features like emotions detection, real-time call monitoring, call flow automations, IVR, smart call routing, speech recognition, call queuing, callback and much many more. CloudTalk gives you better ability to manage your call flows, make time-saving automations, log all your calling activities and much more.

This integration will give you access to all call history data and call recordings within your Freshdesk account without having to open multiple systems. If you make or receive a call (including Missed calls and Voicemails), it will be instantly sent to Freshdesk. In addition, all tickets will be synced with CloudTalk, so your team will be more efficient.

With CloudTalk integration you will be able to:
- Get local or toll-free number from more than 70 countries.
- Automatically saves all call-related information, including call recordings, and associates it with the right contact in your Freshdesk account.
- Provide customers with personalized support by viewing a customer's contact history and details before jumping on a call.
- Create a new ticket for every Missed call or Voicemail automatically.
- Automate agent workflows based on CloudTalk events - e.g. create a new ticket for every missed call or voicemail.
- Integrations with other CRM, e-commerce or support solutions.

No hidden costs or fees and no hardware needed. You just need a browser and you're good to go.

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							Please follow these steps to active your integration betweeen Freshdesk and CloudTalk.

On Freshdesk:
1. Login to your Freshdesk account
2. Go to Profile settings
3. Find and copy your API key located on the right side
4. In order to activate your Freshdesk Integration, you need to copy the Domain URL of your account as well, eg:

On CloudTalk:
1. Login to CloudTalk Dashboard account
2. Click on Account -> Integrations in the left sidebar menu
3. Click on Set up button under Freshdesk integration
4. In the API Key field enter your Freshdesk API Key
5. In the Domain URL field enter your Freshdesk Domain URL
6. Enter your Tag how all your contacts from Freshdesk will be tagged in CloudTalk. It will help you filtering the data.
7. Optional: You can personalize the integration changing additional settings on this page in CloudTalk.
8. Finally click on Save button to active the integration.

Find more information about setting up this integration here

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