Cloudpipes is a workflow automation service enabling you to connect Freshdesk with 100+ applications

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Cloudpipes is a workflow automation service enabling you to connect Freshdesk with 100+ applications

					        	Cloudpipes workflow automation allows you to automatically keep your Freshdesk data, contacts, tickets, users, in sync with any other applications your organisation  might use. This is easily achieved via an easy to use, visual workflow designer, enabling you to create and execute complex integrations without coding.
Popular applications that users integrate with Freshdesk are within ticketing systems such as VSTS, JIRA, 4me, Asana or CRM/Marketing automation systems like Salesforce, Eloqua, HubSpot, Zoho CRM.

Typical use cases covered by Cloudpipes are:

 * Whenever a new ticket is created in Freshdesk, it creates a corresponding ticket in the respective ticketing system, assigning it to the correct person and with all relevant data
*  Whenever the ticket is updated in any of the systems, e.g. Freshdesk or JIRA, the changes are synchronised to ensure the data in both systems is always in sync (bi-directional sync)

Cloudpipes support team is always available to help you with your integrations needs, feel free to contact us at any time.
							1. Login to your Cloudpipes account. You can create a fully functional trial for free
2. Click the "Create a Pipeline" button from your dashboard to launch the workflow designer
3. On the right-hand side of the workflow designer use the search field to locate Freshdesk in the list of available channels
4. Click the "Connect" button and provide your Freshdesk subdomain and the API Token from your Freshdesk account
5. All the available Freshdesk functionality is now ready to use as building block. Drag and drop any of them in the left side of the workflow designer to easily create your integration workflow
6. Connect the other channels your integration workflow requires
7. For any help drop us a line using the chat widget in the bottom-right corner or the contact form - we'd love to know more details about your integration scenario and help you build it

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