CloudCherry users can now leverage Freshdesk for closing the loop with customers.

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Version : 2.0

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3 months ago

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CloudCherry users can now leverage Freshdesk for closing the loop with customers.

					        	CloudCherry is a Real-time, Omni-channel, end-to-end Customer Experience Management platform that helps your brand track, measure, improve & deliver Customer Delight – thereby helping you increase profitability & customer loyalty. 

With this integration, get your CEM platform to work with your Freshdesk ticketing for grievance redressal based on customer feedback raised as tickets, close the loop & update data on your CEM CloudCherry platform with ticket status & more. The app will allow you to:

1. Set up notifications in the CloudCherry platform and create tickets in Freshdesk.
2. Freshdesk ticket information would be updated in the CloudCherry response automatically to understand what steps have been taken to close the loop with the customer.
3. Agents/Admins can see information about the experience the customer has had based on which the ticket has been created.

The integration provides agent with enough context to proactively understand the customer's concerns and reach out with the right solution to not just satisfy the customer, but delight them!
							To get started, you will require some authentication information.
CloudCherry API Key - API Key can be obtained from CloudCherry API Explorer
CloudCherry Username – You may use the username used to login to CloudCherry
Freshdesk API key - Available under Freshdesk Admin Profile Settings
Freshdesk sub domain - Sub domain can be derived from organization Freshdesk URL. For ex: if is your URL, ‘abcd’ is your subdomain
Now click "Update/Save" and you are done.

In case if of any issues while installing the application, please reach out to us at

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