CIF - AI for Tickets

AI that reads tickets and shows you what's important & why

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CIF - AI for Tickets

AI that reads tickets and shows you what's important & why

					        	CIF is an app that uses AI to read, learn, and understand what's important in your tickets and show you why.

Solve problems keeping CX managers up at night:
-	How are your customers *really* feeling?
-	Which customer is at risk?
-	Why did your customer leave?
-	Where can you nip a problem in the bud?
-	Where can you improve service quality?
-	What are the unknown unknowns? 

CIF Analytics Cloud is the perfect AI reporting tool for management & client services:
 + Monitor the pulse of your customer base – get insights into the big picture or deep-dive with custom filters (organization, keywords, date, priority, status)
 + Growth insights - discover opportunities for revenue generation, feature iteration, strategic upsell
 + Highlight operational insights hidden in text - measure quality of service, discover areas of concern (risk), identify trends
 + Reconstruct historical narratives – insights into past events (churn, product releases)
 + Time-series analysis – create insight profiles that monitor changes over time
 + Instant results & traceable insights – the AI provides supporting excerpts and reference links to tickets
 + Full control – exportable data and reporting results
 + Accessible insights anyone can find and everyone can use - no data science, IT setup, engineering
							+ Go to SiteFocus and complete the Free Trial Sign-Up form
 + Once your email address is verified, your trial account will be enabled
 + An email notification will be sent to the email you used to register with instructions on logging into your trial account and next steps
 + To enable the 1-click integration, enter the subdomain and API key (located under in your Freshdesk Profile)
 + Click submit and tickets will begin pulling into your account
 + For pro tips, please remember to visit the Quick Guide

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