Cheerleader App

Motivate ticket resolutions with celebratory GIFs

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Version : 4.0

Published by FreshX
over 1 year ago

in Agent Productivity, FreshX, Bot

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Cheerleader App

Motivate ticket resolutions with celebratory GIFs

					        	Agents put in a lot of work in resolving tickets and need their moment's celebration for every ticket they resolve.

Presenting the Cheerleader App - Every time your agent resolves a ticket, the app will throw up a fun GIF to congratulate your agent.

Make support fun and provide a lot of happy motivation with the help of these GIFs. Do note that GIFs are infectious and this may lead to exceptional ticket resolution times for your business - Brace yourself!

Go ahead and install the app and provide the much needed cheer for your agents.

Important Notes: 
1. This App is hosted in US.
2. If you would like the bot to no longer suggest gifs, kindly uninstall the app and do not merely turn the toggle button off in the Apps tab.

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