Better customer support with contextual order details from Cartloom inside Freshdesk.

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Version : 1.0

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Better customer support with contextual order details from Cartloom inside Freshdesk.

					        	If any ticket is raised, you have the ability to check all relevant order details in the Cartloom Widget next to Ticket details. you have the option to see List of items, Quantity, invoice Number and all past purchases from the same client. 

- Support agents do not need to go Cartloom admin panel to get order information.
- Orders can be retrieved by searching with a customer's Email address
- View all orders linked to a customer's email ID
- Order Details button will show detailed order information inside Freshdesk
- Redirecting to specific Cartloom order from Freshdesk, if required.
							How to Operate:
At the time of installation, 3 installation parameter will be asked from users
   1. CARTNAME, it is a personalized cartname provided by Cartloom
  2. X-API-KEY
  3. Currency Symbol: like $

The app shows Order Details in two locations based on contact primary email address
- Ticket Sidebar
- Contact Sidebar

In the Screenshot provided here are the explanations:
1.  For searching order other than Contact primary email, provide a full email address and click the search button. If you want order details of 
 Primary Contact Email, keep it blank and click search. On App activation, orders of Contact Email will be shown by default.
2.  Search Button
3. These are Item Details, for multiple items, these information will be shown reccursively.
4. These are Cartloom Contact Email, Name, Invoice No and Total Amount. On click of Invoice #, it will open Order Details in Cartloom Dashboard.
5. It provides all necessary Order Details in a Modal in Freshdesk without switching the web tab.
6. For Multiple Orders, it shows all data from 1-5 stated above.

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