Bedrock Data - Fusion

Connect Freshdesk to Fusion & merge all your customer data into one on-demand warehouse.

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Bedrock Data - Fusion

Connect Freshdesk to Fusion & merge all your customer data into one on-demand warehouse.

					        	When Freshdesk data combines with data from other systems, you can query & visualize all your systems through just a few objects - Ticket, Contact, Company, & Activity. All in one data warehouse. 

Fusion unifies customer data across multiple cloud applications. Unify data across SaaS applications & accelerate your time to analytics. Reduce the time spent you searching for data and increasing agent productivity by having access to an up-to-date trustworthy data-set at all times.  

Your warehouse - On demand Fusion gives you a SQL warehouse, populated with all the data from Freshdesk and your other SaaS application. Data refresh every 30 minutes, granting you quick access to accurate data in your dashboards, analytics, & BI tools. No hardware necessary.

Connect - Select the SaaS applications you want to connect with Freshdesk. Fusion will authenticate via their APIs & replicate all raw data from these systems before creating “fused records”.

Fused Records - Fusion automatically merges disparate datasets using type translation & data transformation. So if 2+ records exist in different systems, but relate to the same thing (a person, company, etc.), Fusion will combine them for you.
Type Translation - All data types are translated into a common format. Values that refer to same entity are put in a single, standard format; duplicates eliminated; conflicts resolved.

Map Relationships - Define how one field relates to another field for a given object. Map objects like Events, Companies, Contacts, Contact Lists, URL Mappings, Deals, Engagements, Forms, Owners, & Broadcast Messages. Customize mappings or use the default.

And many more.
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