Base CRM

Fetch customer information from Base CRM and view it within Freshdesk.

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Version : 1.0

Published by Spritle Software
3 months ago

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Base CRM

Fetch customer information from Base CRM and view it within Freshdesk.

					        	Get a consolidated view of all customer information, mapped from the requester email, within Freshdesk. 
This app allows users to link Base CRM to Freshdesk.  Once you connect your Base CRM to this app - when a ticket is created, this app uses the requester email to retrieve contact account and lead details from Base CRM database and display it in Freshdesk. This allows agents to view customer details and history from Base CRM in one place, saving time and increasing productivity.


Easy to access widget in Freshdesk. 
Easy retrieval of customer information in Freshdesk based on requester ID
Consolidates customer information in one place.
							App Installation :

Follow these steps to install Base CRM:
1. Click on Install.
2. In the first page of installation, you need to enter your Base CRM client_id, client_secret and redirect_url.
3. When you click the "AUTHENTICATE" button, you will be redirected to Base CRM login page.
4. After successful of your Base CRM login, you need to allow access to read and write of your Base CRM details.
5. Then you will be redirected to redirect_url of your Base CRM app.
6. In that page, you need to copy the code which is located in the address bar(Refer Screenshot-2).
7. Paste the copied code in the next installation page and then click "NEXT" button.
8. In the next page, you need to select the objects and click "NEXT" button.
9. In the next page, you need to select the object's fields which will be shown in freshdesk and click "INSTALL" button.
10. After clicking the "INSTALL" button you have been successfully installed the Base CRM.
11. After successful installation of Base CRM app go to tickets page and then click Base CRM icon(Refer Screenshot-5).

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