Atlassian Jira Plus

Link Freshdesk and JIRA accounts to associate JIRA issues with Freshdesk tickets.

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Atlassian Jira Plus

Link Freshdesk and JIRA accounts to associate JIRA issues with Freshdesk tickets.

					        	Installing the JIRA app for Freshdesk will let you create and associate JIRA issues with Freshdesk tickets. 
Provide quality customer service with this JIRA - Freshdesk integration. 
This integration enables a seamless connection between your Freshdesk and JIRA accounts. The app helps Freshdesk users to connect JIRA issues to Freshdesk tickets. This app will also let you sync ticket statuses and comments from JIRA directly into Freshdesk whenever a change is made. This real-time information sync ensures that both engineers and support teams have a 360 view of the ticket+issue, including customer expectations and ticket status.

As the V2 version of the JIRA Freshdesk integrations, there have been some significant additions.  With this version of the JIRA integration you will be able to:
1. Connect multiple JIRA accounts to your Freshdesk account. 
2. Connect multiple JIRA issues to a Freshdesk ticket and also connect a JIRA issue to multiple Freshdesk tickets. 
3. Customer Mapping: Customize JIRA columns that need to be shown in Freshdesk once the ticket is linked with JIRA.
4. Define agent roles to allow or restrict agents from deleting JIRA issues from tickets. 
5. You can now search for JIRA issues by the ‘subject’ fields as well as the issue number. 

The JIRA Project Management app helps deliver complete customer service with the combined power of the JIRA tool with Freshdesk  

Once the app is installed, you will find the app rendered in the sidebar towards the right side of your Freshdesk window. Simply click on the JIRA logo to begin using the JIRA app for Freshdesk.

This app only supports Jira Cloud Version.
							1. Go to the Freshdesk Account Configuration tab. 
2. Enter Freshdesk URL and API Key.
3. In the General Setting tab, choose the actions to be carried out when the ticket status, priority, note or Jira status, priority and comment is edited, changed or added to. 
4. Under Jira Account Configuration tab, Enter Jira Account URL, username and API Token and click on "Verify Your Jira Account".
4. Select the Jira fields that need to be shown on Freshdesk's ticket details page.
5. Configure the Freshdesk Status, Priority and Jira Status, Priority.
6. Hit Install

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