App Store and Google Play Reviews

Save your time by receiving user reviews and replying to them directly in your Freshdesk account.

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App Store and Google Play Reviews

Save your time by receiving user reviews and replying to them directly in your Freshdesk account.

					        	AppFollow integration with Freshdesk simplifies the way you manage your app or game reviews. 
No need to track them in stores: receive all reviews that matter to your Freshdesk account and reply to them right in it. No redirections to app stores, no missed tickets and bugs — all that now is in your Freshdesk dashboard. 

AppFollow & Freshdesk integration will let you to: 
• Receive and reply to user reviews directly in Freshdesk
• Fix your users pain faster
• Assign reviews to a specific team
•Track how they solve your users issues
• Monitor feature requests
• Improve user satisfaction 
• Do excellent customer support

For this integration you will need a basic AppFollow account. Start your 10-day free trial today at
							Setting up an App Reviews Integration with Freshdesk

Get reviews

1. Open Integrations on app page and click "Add new integration";
2. Choose where you would like to get reviews and reply to them;
3. Type an email, where you get reviews or an email which is connected to the service you have chosen;
4. Choose which reviews you want to receive: all, only negative or positive ones;
5. Save changes.

• We mark the app store a review came from;
• Mark 'popular' reviews;
• Show full name of a device (for Google Play only);
• Define a country or a language and device language (for those cases when language of a review doesn’t match language of a device);
• Count words in a review.
Reply via Email

If you want to reply to reviews via email or Freshdesk, set up these integrations first:

For iOS apps

For Android apps

Reply via API

Alternatively you can use AppFollow API to receive reviews and reply to them. We have a list of ready-to-use methods for that.

>>Use API

Quick note: in case we can't publish a reply on App Store and/or Google Play, we will notify you about it in the same thread.

*My review wasn't published*

The most common reasons are: 

1. Reply is longer than 350 characters. This is the limit set by Google Play for Android-reviews. For App Store maximum reply length is 5000 characters;
2. Settings issue, for example, password changed in App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect). You need to re-login to the console and get back to reply.

A video instruction can be found here:

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