Amazon Connect CTI

This connector allows users to quickly pass data from Amazon Connect into FreshDesk.

Not compatible in new mint

Install available only on Desktop

Version : 1.0

Published by VoiceFoundry
9 months ago

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Amazon Connect CTI

This connector allows users to quickly pass data from Amazon Connect into FreshDesk.

					        	The Amazon Connect CTI Link allows customers to quickly integrate Amazon Connect call details into a clean, simple modal within the FreshDesk workspace.  The app allows customers to quickly leverage Connect to pass call details like ticket number, caller ID, and caller history quickly and easily into the workspace without agent intervention or additional lookup.  Rather than spending time on tedious redundant lookups, the FreshDesk integration will seamlessly allow agents to focus on servicing customers thereby reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Key Features

- Unknown callers pop a simple “new contact” form with their phone number pre-populated to speed agent entry

- For known callers, view recent tickets and contact info, including email, mobile, and phone number via a screen-pop inside the CTI modal done on the caller’s phone number

- Create new tickets from within the CTI for existing or new callers and redirect the main screen area to the newly created ticket automatically

- Easily move between recent tickets and the caller’s contact info from within the CTI UI.

- A link to call details inside Connect, including the recording, is added as a note to the last ticket the agent accessed during the phone call.

** Amazon Connect is currently only supported in the N. Virginia region in the US. Other regions will be supported soon. Performance can be impacted by attempting to use Connect instances from parts of the world where another region would be more appropriate.
							--This app--
1. Enter the name of your Freshdesk subdomain. If you log into, you should input voicefoundry. 

--CTI Application-- 
1. Download and install the FreshDesk CTI App from

2. Once CTI app is installed, go to Settings

----Inside Settings--- 

1. Enable Softfphone iframe

2. Set the URL to{{agent_id}}&connectAlias=MYCONNECTALIAS&freshDeskAlias=MYFRESHDESKSUBDOMAIN
Replace the text MYCONNECTALIAS with the subdomain associated with your Connect instance. Replace MYFRESHDESKSUBDOMAIN with the subdomain for your Freshdesk instance.

3. Ensure width = 550px  height = 250px

4. Enable 'Configure Click to Dial' 

5. Set request type to POST 

6. Set Callback URL to

7. Choose JSON from the "encoding" select list.

8. Enter the following into the Content text area: 
{"agentId" : "{{agent_id}}", "numberToDial" : "{{requester_number}}", "freshdeskAlias" : "MYFRESHDESKSUBDOMAIN" }
    a. Replace MYFRESHDESKSUBDOMAIN with the subdomain associated with your Connect instance.

9. Click 'Save' to complete setup

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