AHT Plus

Calculate the Average Handling Time of tickets by agents in Freshdesk.

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Version : 1.0

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2 months ago

in Agent Productivity, Reporting and Analytics

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AHT Plus

Calculate the Average Handling Time of tickets by agents in Freshdesk.

					        	The AHT app for Freshdesk tracks how long it takes an agent to handle a ticket. The timer automatically starts when the ticket is opened and turns off when the agent closes the tickets or when the agent moves to another tab ensuring that there are no errors in tracking time spent on a ticket. The app records the start time and stop time instances till the resolution of the ticket. This information can be found in the  ‘Timesheet start and stop timer API’ which is sent to an assigned id. 

The Average Handling Time is calculated by accumulating the total amount of time agents spend in the ticket details page and then dividing that number by the total number of tickets accessed. With the data from the AHT report, administrators will be able to assign tickets, streamline processes and increase the productivity of agents.  


Custom settings: Configure the Roles / Groups for which you would like to turn on the AHT app. 
Accurate Tracking: The timer turns on and off automatically. This includes when agents have moved to other tabs, the app senses if it’s not the active page and pauses the timer ensuring that you get the exact data with regard to time spent resolving a ticket. 
Get reports on an hourly/daily basis delivered to the assigned inbox automatically. 
Data is exported in a .csv format.

Once installed the app appears as a widget in the ticket details bar on the right side of your Freshdesk window. 

Please Note:

* The frequency of the report generation can be set  (i.e Hourly, Daily or Weekly) only during installation. Once it is chosen and the app is installed, it is not possible to change the frequency.

* No report will be generated if there is no data during the pre-set report generation time period.
							Fill in the mandatory field to install the app

Freshdesk API Detail:
 Account URL: 
  Enter the Hosting URL which is present in the Freshdesk account URL 
  Ex: https://domain.freshdesk.com

 API key:
  Enter the Freshdesk API key, Here's how you can retrieve your API key:
  Login to your Freshdesk Account
  Click on your profile picture icon on the top right corner and select Profile Settings
  On the right pane, you will find the API Key
  Copy-paste this as required to authenticate third-party solutions
  Once the Fresdesk API details are entered, you will be able to set up your preferred app settings.

Settings: Set up the auto timer default properties

 Is this Billable:
  Set the default billable value for each timer start by this app
 Select the Agent role or group to auto start the timer:
  Set up the autostart timer based on the Agent Role/Group by setting up this option. If you would like to control this autostart based on the role, just select the role option and enter the role you want to use this app next to this selection. This should also match the status configuration in order to start.
Note: Once selected please, ‘ticket status’ field also has to be updated for the AHT app to work. 

 Report Settings: Set up the report schedule. 
   Based on this configuration a recursive schedule will be created, this will send an email attached with your report.  

 Report Frequency:
  Based on the frequency it will pull the record and will send it in the email on the same frequency. You can choose between receiving reports on an hourly or daily basis. If you choose to receive reports on a daily basis, you can also choose at what time you would like the report delivered to the receiver email. 

 Enter the receiver mail:
  Enter the list of email id here to send the report.

Help and Supportsupport@freshdesk.com https://support.freshdesk.com

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