This application enables agents to call their customers from Freshdesk using the Africastalking API.

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This application enables agents to call their customers from Freshdesk using the Africastalking API.

					        	The application enables clients of Africastalking that use Freshdesk to make calls to customers from their browsers through the use of Africastalking's voice API.

Currently, most Africastalking clients that use Freshdesk manually dial the numbers associated to a ticket on a mobile phone to make their calls. Using this plugin, agents can make calls directly from their browsers to their customers. By using this integration, agents no longer have to switch between software to make calls, all telephony and support services can be carried out within Freshdesk.

It requires the user to have both a SIP number and a Virtual number provided by Africastalking and a Queuing application that will receive the ticket details and add them to their call queue. It will also require a database to store this information.

Samples of the Queuing application and the database can be found from the link below. 

The application uses SIP numbers and credentials that are readily available and can be provided by Africastalking - .
							On installation, the application requires the fields listed below (AT - Africasatalking).

- Client's AT SIP Number
- Client's AT SIP Password
- Client's AT Application Username
- Client's AT Application API Key
- Client's Queuer Application URL

Please note that these details are and can be provided by Africastalking -

Once the information above has been input and the plugin installed, the application will be visible on the right sidebar on viewing of a ticket's details.

Once the plugin is clicked/initiated, details of the ticket that will be sent to the Queue application and a green 'Call' button will be displayed. 

When the 'Call' button is clicked, the ticket's data will be sent to the Client's Queue application through the URL provided and on receiving a success message the call will be initiated through a request from the application to the Africastalking APIs. The caller should then be able to hear the call ringing once a connection to the customer is made.

The call button will convert to a red 'Hang Up' button and the caller will be able to end the call at will.

For any inquiries,requests for SIP numbers or application feature requests, feel free to reach out to

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