Integrate your Freshdesk account with Acquire to boost productivity for both agents and users.

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Integrate your Freshdesk account with Acquire to boost productivity for both agents and users.

					        	The Freshdesk + Acquire integration increases agent productivity by enabling agents to do more with their helpdesk which in turn helps agents resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. 

This integration lets you:

- Convert chats in Acquire to tickets in Freshdesk right away.
- Deflect the number of tickets that come to Freshdesk with the inbuilt knowledge base in Acquire.
- You can have requesters share their screens to resolve their queries quicker.
- You can also video chat with your requesters in case the issue can’t be resolved via chat.
							To integrate Acquire with your Freshdesk account, simply follow the steps below:

1. In the Acquire panel, go to Settings > Integrations and click on the to configured with Freshdesk.
2. To fully integrate Acquire with Freshdesk you will need your API Key. Please log into your Freshdesk account to find the API Key.
3. Go to Freshdesk in the integrations section and enter the Domain details, Password and API Key for your Freshdesk account.
4. After you log into Acquire, click on the settings icon at the bottom-left corner of the panel and proceed to the Channels > API section. Make sure that the Token Access section is enabled, then click on Add new token, create its name, and generate it. Copy the token and paste it somewhere secure.
5. To create tickets in Freshdesk directly from Acquire, click on synchronize Freshdesk Integration button during a chat.

When you send a transcript to Freshdesk, you can see it both in the Home and Tickets views.

With this your chat is now fully integrated with Freshdesk!

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