3CX Click to Call

Dial numbers directly from Freshdesk with the 3CX Click to Call App.

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Install available only on Desktop

Version : 1.0

Published by 3CX
5 months ago

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Help and Supportsupport@3cx.com https://www.3cx.com/support

3CX Click to Call

Dial numbers directly from Freshdesk with the 3CX Click to Call App.

					        	The 3CX Click to Call app enables users to be called directly from Freshdesk via the 3CX Web Client.
The app displays an additional dropdown in the contact details of a ticket named freshdesk Click to Call. 
The available contact phone numbers are displayed and when clicked, will make a call from the freshdesk web page using the 3CX Webclient. 

This eliminates the need to dial, copy, paste or edit numbers from emails or websites offering instant outbound dialing and increasing productivity and collaboration for users.

-Automate tedious and time consuming workflow processes for staff
-Boost productivity and increase sales and customer satisfaction
-Works seamlessly with the 3CX Web Client
-Phone Number Detection – Detect All or International Numbers
-Highlighted Contacts – Numbers are identified and formatted for outbound call dialing.
							1. Install the app from the Freshdesk Marketplace.
2. Upon installation, you will be asked to enter the URL of the 3CX Web Client, e.g. https://mycompany.3cx.us/webclient or https://mycompany.3cx.us:5001/webclient
3. Refresh your Freshdesk tab and you will immediately be able to make calls from Freshdesk via the 3CX web client.

Help and Supportsupport@3cx.com https://www.3cx.com/support

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